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Tutorial : Slip knot Friday, 6th November 2009

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Any cast on requires a slip knot first to anchor it.

Drape the yarn over your left hand…


The yarn here is with the free end at the right-hand side of the picture, and the end that’s attached to a ball on the left. It’s not really crucial if you do it the other way around though, best to get the hang of the knot first.

Loop the yarn back over the front (sorry for the phone dongle in the way there!)…


Part your fingers slightly, so that you can see between them…


Slide the tip of your needle between your fingers, catching the second yarn…


Pull this loop forward…


Pull your left hand away, leaving the knot on the needles. A gentle tug will tighten it up without a problem…


Et voilĂ , a slip knot! =o)