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Big long break Saturday, 19th December 2009

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I’ve just started a TEFL course, and I’ve had a lot to do since my last post. I still have the pictures ready for the next tutorial, but it will take me a while to get around to it, since I’m not likely to get more than a few minutes of boredom before 4th Jan!!

So Merry Christmas or Happy Hannuka, Happy New Year, Season’s Wishes, or whatever 🙂

Over and out


I haven’t abandoned my blog! Wednesday, 18th November 2009

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I have had a bit of a mad moment since my last post.

I have started more projects without actually finishing any… So I haven’t had any finished pictures to put up!

I have, however, taken some photos to put up a tubular cast-on tutorial tomorrow, which will duly be done =o)


Mister Cochon Monday, 9th November 2009

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I’ve finished the Cochon Rose that I started for Etienne for Christmas. Only he is behaving so well recently, I plan to give it to him tomorrow. The pig didn’t take long at all to knit, so I’m sure I can come up with something more impressive for his Christmas present.

I can’t put the pattern up, because it is a copyrighted Phildar pattern, but I am happy to recommend the book if anyone fancies it. He is in Oxygène, which is a good choice for a little boy’s toy, as it’s got antibacterial properties, and since the details are sewn on, so there’s no need to worry about letting him sleep with Mister Cochon at his side =o)

I adapted the pattern, as I usually do, to avoid a lot of seaming – knitting in the round minus the selvedge stitches. And I filled him with some stuffing from a cheap IKEA cushion – very soft, and much much cheaper than buying a big bag of stuffing I’ll never get around to using – plus, the cushion is still more than plush enough to use, so I’ll just sew up the seam I ripped. Then instead of crocheting up a tail, I made up a quick knitted version, since I don’t have a crochet needle : Cast on 3; purl the first row, then for the second row : K, M1, K2tog. Repeat these 2 rows until it is as long as you like. Then (on a K row) K K2tog; P2tog; pull yarn through the remaining stitch & sew in ends carefully (they’re tricky to hide, but not impossible).



Tutorial : Long-tail cast on Friday, 6th November 2009

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This is my favourite cast-on, it’s flexible and discreet, but strong enough to hold the shape of the piece you’re knitting. It does, however, allow the fabric to roll a bit, so I guess if that annoys you, it might not be the one for you!

Also definitely the fastest once you’ve got the knack of it, it looks a lot harder than it is!

Start with a good old slip knot


Pull the tail-end of the yarn towards you, over your thumb, with the ball-end of the yarn over your forefinger, and your remaining fingers gently holding the wool below…


Pull your thumb back, towards the end of the needle. A loop will begin to form around your thumb…


Put the tip of the needle into the loop that has formed around your thumb, pointing in the same direction as your thumb…


Move your left hand back towards your right hand, along the length of the needle. Pull the wool around your forefinger across (from left-to-right, or anti-clockwise) around the needle…


Keep going…


Pull your thumb back over the tip of the needle, outside the loop you have made with the other end of the yarn…


Pull gently on the yarn with your left hand…


Tug gently…


And repeat!



Tutorial : Slip knot

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Any cast on requires a slip knot first to anchor it.

Drape the yarn over your left hand…


The yarn here is with the free end at the right-hand side of the picture, and the end that’s attached to a ball on the left. It’s not really crucial if you do it the other way around though, best to get the hang of the knot first.

Loop the yarn back over the front (sorry for the phone dongle in the way there!)…


Part your fingers slightly, so that you can see between them…


Slide the tip of your needle between your fingers, catching the second yarn…


Pull this loop forward…


Pull your left hand away, leaving the knot on the needles. A gentle tug will tighten it up without a problem…


Et voilà, a slip knot! =o)


Sock strategy

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I just got to wondering how many people go toe-up or cuff-down on their socks? Myself, it depends on my mood. If I have a limited wool supply, I usually go toe-up, to get as much out of it as possible, but otherwise I normally start at the cuff, as I don’t mind Kitchener stitch, and I find it more robust than a figure-8 cast on.

So, if anyone does happen to read this, please take a moment to let me know your preference, if you do, indeed have one!


Bamboo socks

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Bamboo Socks

The promised photo, cute, eh?

So I call them bamboo socks not only ‘cos they’re in bamboo yarn, but also because I used a 2×1 rib, and that sort of makes me think of bamboo.

Normally I reinforce toes and heels with heel stitch, but this time I didn’t, since I used small needles, and so the knit is very dense anyway (they’re winter socks). I knit from the toes up, using a figure of 8 cast on, a heel-flap with wrapped short-rows for shaping and finally a tubular bind off, which has a nice effect, though I should have reduced the stitches up there. Still, the ribbing holds the socks up nicely anyway.

I would have made them a little longer, but each sock is nearly a ball of wool, and I didn’t have a source to get a third in, so never mind!